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Careers and Opportunities

Career Opportunities

If you’re looking for an exciting career in IT, you’ve just left college, graduated from university, taking a gap year or simply wanting to move from where you are now, we’d like to hear from you. 

We’re passionate about IT and always on the look out for new blood to join our growing team.

If you’re wanting to work on multiple projects, for a varied client base, be treated like an individual and can add value, please get in touch!

Feel free to contact Ronnie Isherwood (JE3 Director) for an informal chat on Tel: +44 1534 618000 Mob: +44 7797 780100, alternatively, send your CV with a covering message to: [email protected]

Why Join JE3?

As a member of our team, you'll be at the forefront of technological advancements and be part of a group that's always seeking innovative ways to solve complex technical challenges. This presents a unique opportunity to expand your skills and gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

JE3 is a growing company experiencing sustained growth in the demand for technical solutions, cybersecurity, and development services. Being part of a growing company presents exciting prospects for career progression, with potential for promotion and advancement.

Working with us also offers the opportunity to work on exciting and diverse projects. Every client presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, ensuring that your work remains engaging and stimulating. This diversity also ensures that your skills remain current and up-to-date.

In summary, joining JE3 presents a range of benefits, including opportunities for career growth, project diversity, and skill development. If you're looking for a dynamic and exciting work environment in the IT industry, JE3 may be the perfect fit for you.

Current Vacancies

There are current no available job openings. If you are still interested in working with JE3 please contact us.