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Cyber Consultancy

At JE3 we offer cyber consultancy to fit all size of businesses and organisations covering multiple areas, from risk assessments to policy creation for GDPR, cyber security and governance strategies.

Our consultancy focus is on the task at hand and not trying to fit products into a budget to tick a box. The number of products on the market today can be overwhelming, we filter out the noise and deliver the best options working with our clients to deploy or assist with the rollout of technology and services to protect their business.

Our Approach

We base our approach on the following principles:

Partnering with clients to build a strong business case for a robust security program that balances risk and cost.

Working with accredited experts with a deep understanding of the security tools and technologies.

Using local teams with deep industry expertise and understanding of unique client environments.

Ensuring that security is a part of all that we do for our clients.

Risk Assessment

JE3 takes a holistic view of cyber security, assessing technology, services and policies to protect organisations from the risk of electronic attacks, to minimise business disruption and data loss.

We work with our clients’ technology and leadership teams to balance the level of risk they are willing to accept and the need to build a strong security business case.

Threat Prevention

The threat of cyber attack is clear, present and growing evermore. Note the Heartbleed bug or the WannaCry ransomware. Smaller scale threats such as an “accidental” data loss are also serious threats with severe ramifications.

We help review and/or implement best practice in cyber security to bolster your businesses’ defence against the threats of today and tomorrow.


Regulation, governance, and best practices are placing a burden on companies, and finding staff with both the skills and knowledge around GDPR and cyber security is difficult.

JE3 has brought together personnel with decades of Information Security expertise, across various business sectors, and we partner with some of the best consultancies in the UK, enabling us to bring a premium service into the Channel Islands.


JE3 can assist businesses with its industry award-winning tools to create environments for meeting GDPR, Cyber Essentials and ISO standards, as well as our innovative NIST/ISO hybrid designed to meet the JFSC’s latest recommendations for cyber security.

We also issue on island certificates for HM Governments Cyber certifications, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials+.

Need a cyber risk assessment or audit?