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Affinity Private Wealth – move into a new, digitally enabled location

Affinity Private Wealth – move into a new, digitally enabled location

Local software engineering and managed service technology company, JE3.COM, was delighted to provide Affinity with a seamless and fuss free installation of technology and services into their new premises, and implementation of a new Disaster Recovery site.

Prior to moving in, the JE3 team worked with Affinity’s board of directors agreeing to invest in a sophisticated, robust and resilient network which included diverse routing, to adopt world class printer technology and a variety of best of breed security and collaboration technologies. Modern deployment technologies underpinned operating system and software deployment while reducing manual labour for PC and Laptop setup.

Affinity agreed a move schedule that enabled all staff to move to their new location seamlessly, without downtime to the business, and all within a few weeks. As part of the move, JE3 placed staff onsite to floor walk and assist with the transition to using their new equipment.

When it came to Affinity’s boardroom and meeting rooms, Affinity wanted their staff and external visitors to use any device (laptop, tablet, phone), so they could easily share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays, and to drive more efficient, engaging and productive meetings. JE3 installed cost effective Mersive Solstice technology, which is a high-performance in-room collaboration platform that improves the usability and productivity of meeting and learning spaces.

JE3 would like to take this opportunity to thank Affinity for their continued support and wish the management team and their staff a happy and prosperous future in their new, digitally enabled location.

Jersey Evening Post – Thursday 26 November 2020