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Jacob Fairhead joins JE3’s Software Development team!

Jacob Fairhead joins JE3’s Software Development team!

Jacob, Junior Software Engineer, joined the JE3 team in January 2021.

Starting a new role during COVID-19 restrictions isn’t easy but Jacob quickly got to grips with unit testing and learning new development frameworks such as Moq.

Prior to his engagement, Jacob completed A-level and BTEC qualifications, he spent two years at Highlands University College, Jersey, and his final and third year at Plymouth University. During this period, he learnt and used VB, .Net, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, Java Script, LUA and SQL databases, plus he gained valuable work experience with a Jersey Telco, working within their development and security departments.

Whilst seeking the right opportunity for his future career path, Jacob worked for a local Funds business on proof-of-concept applications, which enabled him to showcase new technology capabilities.

Jacob has been interested in IT from an early age, he’s passionate about building software solutions to make life simpler and has the desire to find the knowledge he needs to achieve his goals. In his spare time, you’ll find Jacob running an online community with friends or seeking further knowledge to help him progress in his field.