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Doing our bit for The National Trust, Jersey!

Doing our bit for The National Trust, Jersey!

As part of JE3’s 2021 CSR commitment, the team joined Conrad Evans from the National Trust Jersey, supporting their Hedge Fund project.

The National Trust Jersey has, over the past two winters, planted over 45,000 native hedging plants and trees which measures over 20 miles in length. The aim is to visit every length of hedgerow at least twice over the summer in order to clear aggressively growing vegetation that threatens to stifle the small hedging whips, as they are known.

JE3’s team of technicians are normally found in front of screens or under desks, so had a ‘bit of a workout’, sickling fast growing “weeds” like bracken, goose grass (cleavers), hogweed and bindweed but leaving beneficial flowering plants for insects and pollinating species. It was hard work but the team said that they thoroughly enjoyed the task and the weather couldn’t have been better!

JE3’s founder, Ronnie Isherwood, told Channel Eye: “It was a great opportunity to give back to Jersey’s countryside and at the same time treating this outdoor activity as a team building exercise.

“We’ve grown considerably over the last twelve months and I felt it was important to get the team together, outside, observing nature at first-hand and doing our bit for Jersey! We had a great time in the fresh air, we all learnt something new about nature and it did us the world of good”.