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AI & Data Protection Training

AI & Data Protection Training

With the rapidly evolving use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), accountability and governance are not necessarily the first thing that springs to a businesses mind. As Data Protection Officer for JE3, I'm keen to stay on top of risk management for data, and the use of AI in any systems we use, or develop for our clients.

At this point the UK doesn’t have specific legislation to govern AI, however it has put out some guidance developed with regulators and for now this relies on the existing 5 principles which include:

  • Safety, security and robustness;
  • Transparency and explainability;
  • Fairness;
  • Accountability and governance; and
  • Contestability and redress.

Training, education and qualifications underpin JE3s ethos towards its work and if you are interested in joining us on one of our courses or having us help deliver a course for you, or your clients please get in touch.

You can read more about the UK Governments guidance on AI or it latest news here - Artificial intelligence - GOV.UK (