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Managed Services

Technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up with all the new possibilities available to enhance your business.

We will work with you to identify your key business processes and how you use technology. From there we can develop a strategy to improve identified processes, delivering maximum benefit to your business. 

Hosted Apps & Desktops

Disaster Recovery

Corporate governance regulations are pushing disaster recovery to the top of the agenda even for small and medium-sized businesses. Having essential contingency plans in place is critical to offset the cost of a major IT failure, which could be as high as the loss of the business itself.

JE3 will help you develop a disaster recovery plan that demonstrates your corporate responsibility, while keeping your business on track with minimal disruption. We will work to your budget and your needs to put in place the best plan for you.

IT Support (24×7)

We offer full technical support for a wide range of systems. We are flexible and provide both ad hoc and contract based support, including maintenance, 24×7. We can tailor a support solution to meet your specific business requirements.

Here are some examples of the type of support we can provide:

  • Dedicated service desk
  • Remote access and on-site support
  • Server, network and desktop maintenance and repairs
  • E-mail and website server support
  • Data backups & restore both on and off-site
  • Software and hardware support

Network Installations

Speed, reliability and security are core requirements for network performance, and the constant changes due to the operational demands faced by businesses can have a large impact on these. Staff mobility has also added fresh demands, with more people working remotely or needing secure access to the company network from home.

JE3 can build an advanced infrastructure for your business, giving fast access to the Internet for everyone who needs it including secure remote access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Security is built-in to the fabric of the network to protect your essential business data, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Network Support

To us, partnership means building networks to fulfill the long-term needs of our customers and provide the support and maintenance required for the infrastructure’s lifetime.

Our service and support is both proactive and reactive; keeping your network up-to-date with the latest security patches and being there to troubleshoot should any problems arise.

When taking on an existing network, we begin by applying professional network testing and management tools to bring it to JE3 performance standards. We can then provide a three-tier service ranging from telephone help, desk support, through to remote access and on-site visits.  

Strategic Consultancy

Nearly every business relies on its IT infrastructure, which means that IT strategy is firmly linked with business strategy. We can work with you to develop an IT strategy that meets your business needs and will always ensure any new deployment or change to your infrastructure aligns with your goals.

This is the essence of partnership; we seek to understand you and your organisation, so that the solutions we provide are highly effective and advance your business.

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